How much is (not) too much – technology advances

On my way back from work, I dropped by the mall nearby. It was a bit crowded- those investors should see how potential our purchasing power is! I presume people start spending for un-necessary stuffs or chasing after junk food (one moment on the lips, forever on the hips, hahaha). It was not my intention to shop around nor taking dinner there, until a double-folio sized banner pasted on a window store got a glimpse of my eyes…. Some ‘lucky’ numbers of a famous GSM provider were on sale. I stared on it, browsing each of those numbers – with a half empty mind. On the other half, I was planning to cut off one of my mobile numbers, as I believed having 2 numbers are more enough for a single career ‘average income’ woman like myself.

It didn’t take an hour until the transaction on that store was done! Yep! I bought one lucky number for only IDR 75,000 which I thought a very good deal. It’s also cool to have such number like 0zwx y55555x, isn’t it?! It wouldn’t also take another hour until I realized that my reason to terminate one of my 3 numbers was due to lack of service range (no int’l roaming access, limited coverage area but expensive roaming cost!)

What an idiot of me ended up having 4 mobile numbers, for the sake of technology freak as the provider has reliable access to GPRS and web stuffs!

I hardly ignore monthly amount I spent for browsing through mobile access (well of course, pretty expensive…) with data usage accounts for 60% (as much as the same amount I paid for my internet provider where I can log in 24hrs a day) of the total billing.

As the consumer, I was forced to pay the ‘error’ rates despite the slogan ‘we are the cheapest’-while to receive calls outside your base you’ll be charged roaming access; ‘we are the most advance technology’-while you’re browsing/downloading, the network suddenly failed. Not to mention the inflexibility of switching the subscription from post-paid to pre-paid v.v. Is it what they call technology advances? Says who!

If this is the case, I believe the so-called ARPU will break even less than a year simply because they charge excessively for said disruptions.

However, the temptation to use that kind of tech-genre, could not stop me trying the new CDMA. Let’s just wait after couple weeks usage…. Would this new tech really be able to compete with its predecessor???


~ by rhyme de ma vie on July 1, 2004.

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