Heading Its Way to Greece!

A new Victory

Full of surprises is the correct words to describe the Euro 2004. The final match was played by the same teams who met on the opening game, namely Portugal v.s. Greece. Ever since the Euro games history, it’s the 3rd time for Portugal playing on the final match, while first time for Greece. In the beginning of the event, no one would predict they could even reach to semi-final stage. Only few have the faith the team could win. The majority only consider the acropolis country as the 10th or even the 12th runner.

Right from the first game, the team has been playing with respect and constant fighting spirit. Unlike other people supporting for other big teams, who’re compelled to be numero uno, the greek fans would be satisfied if their favourite team could be on the quarter round.

This is the great phenomenon where the 2nd pier has shown its performance outperformed its famous competitors, even the world-class players. It has less pressure to reach beyond people’s expectation

Witnessed by millions people all over the world the game teaches us how. This victory has become a catalyst to raise country’s confidence to host the forthcoming Olympiad game and to lead its way to next accession to the EU.

Lesson of the game: Every success is in everyone’s fate to win. The winner might have never been served with the silver plate or red carpets, it is simply the winning spirit you have in you to conquer your super-power competitors.


~ by rhyme de ma vie on July 4, 2004.

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