Indonesia Cries (again) – Another Tragedy of Human being

It was around 10.30 AM on Thursday 9/9 year 2004. I just finished meeting with supplier at the 14th floor of my office. We chat a bit before saying each other’s good-bye as I felt like the roof of my office falling down. A colleague yelled “bomb!”. They rush to the window to look at the source of the blast… To the north, I saw fire-blast and white smoke, which I thought come from the embassy area, which is located about 150m from my office building. The fire blast is so big and louder than the Marriot’s, though i saw it from that far. Allahu Akbar, it happens again! Then i remembered a friend working at Kuningan Plaza, a building next to Australian embassy.I tried to call him, but never get through and i tried to call some other friends, with no success. So, there i go, to the ground zero, to make sure they were okay. Along the way I saw people crying, bleeding until i saw a piece of leg covered with newspaper. I stayed there thinking why those bastards did such harm. What if that casualty is their relative… They have no right to do so.There’s no more security working in this city… First Marriot, then now… There are all located around the hustle and bustle area, Kuningan, which happened to be offices and embassies blocks. I documented the incided at the group home:I can only pray and hope those tears and fears will fade away from my beloved country, Indonesia…


~ by rhyme de ma vie on September 9, 2004.

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