We have dreamt for years to change and revolutionize the horticultural potential of our nation. We have been blessed with the wealth and have developed the knowledge to unleash this resource and potential. Over the past 6 years, through risk and with limited resource, we continued our endeavor to break the barrier of the wall that our people have put in their minds that we cannot breakthrough the international market with our horticultural wealth. Many have created the illusion that they knew the industry and lead others to believe that they were exporting, but we knew that without the basic understanding of the knowledge and the technology of bringing a product from the harvest field to process and pack and deliver to customers in the international market, there will no hope for this nation to realize this magnificent potential.
We have tried thru various and limited means to send trial shipments, some with success and some with failure. But we did not give up. We kept on going until we finally found the step by step requirements to make this technology a reality. After having spent billions of Rupiahs of our own money over the past six years, we decided that this year we must make a breakthrough and undertake the final commitment and that is to establish a facility with the technological process do undertake commercial shipments of fresh fruits to the Middle East and Europe.
We tried over the last 24 months to convince financial institutions to support this project but without success. Finally, after having used every resource and personal contacts, we succeeded to get a small and limited loan from a state bank. Even than we knew that what we were asking for was not enough. But we tried and finally what was approved was only half of what we asked for. The reason we only got half was that this is an untested industry and with no comparable data for the bank to judge or analyze the viability of what we were embarking on.
Their arguments and doubts were as follows:
1. The farmer cannot supply quality fruit suitable for export
2. Could the product be successfully processed?
3. Could we pack and ensure that the fruit will arrive in good condition at the country of destination?
4. Even if the produce arrives in good condition, will we get paid for what we have supplied?
Due to limited resources and after massive difficulties in getting the factory together with half the necessary equipment required and furthermore, the mango season had already started and we did not have a factory set up, we were able to ship the first container of mangos in a “Controlled Atmosphere” reefer container out of Tanjung Priok. This event was so historic that even the Director of American President Lines flew in from the USA to sea the cargo in Singapore and they were very impressed with what they saw. They could not believe that this was a product of Indonesia. Anyhow, the various containers arrived in fantastic condition at all destinations, Dubai, Kuwait, Jeddah Oman and Bahrain.
Other nations provide this industry with hundreds of millions if not billions of US dollars in financial support, because it is the industry the benefit the masses and not the few.
At our invitation, we have had buyers come to our country and to see the wealth of produce that we have. They were shocked at the mass natural wealth that Indonesia possesses. With what they saw, they increased our exportable produce range by over 25 items.

Upon arrival of our cargo at the countries of destination, we were overwhelmed by customers calling or faxing or emailing us asking for product. We have received overwhelming support from our contractors and our suppliers who supplied us the raw material and components to make sure that the product is shipped in excellent condition. All are proud to have contributed and have been a part of this historic event.
All of this is very remarkable considering that we have only been commercially exporting for only two months. This success has come at a price. Negative working capital is shadowing us. We fear that if we fail, they will be very reluctant to ever bring these types of containers to Indonesia again. If this happens, it will be a very sad thing, because this industry needs these special containers if we are to ship fresh produce to far off destinations such as Europe or the USA.
Local government in Buleleng – Bali have approached and spoken to thousands of farmers to delay their harvest so as to benefit from this export program. With regret we were unable to fulfill their dreams and hopes, due the fact that we could not finalize the project in time before the harvest ended.
Government officials up to the Governor of Bali got involved and made our project feasible due to incredible support that they facilitated to us by ensure all administrative obstacles were removed to ensure the success of this project. We are able to convince them that the project has visible multiplier effects, namely:
– make farmers proud to be farmers and also it will make him the middle class citizen of our nation.
– support employment to our people in the hundreds of thousands in a very short time.
– stop the youth in villages to come and seek employment in the cities.
– Positive contribution to the country’s balance of payment in the hundreds of millions if not in the billions of dollars over the years to come.
– make us independent of the need of foreign aid in the years to come.
– This industry will be the salvation of our nation
In conclusion, we are proud to have made this historic move and we are sad that nobody is even giving us a second look or offering to share our burden.

We have taken this project as far as we are able to. We are unable to continue this program because we do not have the funds to continue. Within days our entire project will come to a dead stop.



~ by rhyme de ma vie on October 30, 2004.

2 Responses to “Fresh Produce – OUR COMMITMENT AND DILEMMA”

  1. I would like to know what has happened since 2004.

    • Unfortunately the owner passed away, just when we started collecting profit from our shipment, then the company went bancrupcy due to other import business (fresh produce) and some political issues.
      In our country, this kind of business run by mafia..:(
      Some investors have called showing the interest to continue this biz.

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