Girls day out

A day of shopping -from cosmetics to jogging suits! And, this really costs me a lot! Hope it’s worth of spending and not just a compensation for not having a steady boyfriend anymore.. hiks.. Well, at least I still can hang out with friends, dating new guys and going out for evening coffee with whoever I like and enjoying shopping spree in Sogo, Plasa Senayan or Semanggi.
Yep, this is kinda fulfilling my pending agenda to improve my living habits. No more nocturnal activities of nonsense, no more stress and bitching about my job! Leave alone those things, I have another issues – wrinkles and black spot surrounding my eyes and body weight…:) Need to start thinking where to start, but at least I bought what I need..
Checking, checking, checking… hhmmm.. I still need a new eyelash curler, white glossy Kryolan eye-shadow for evening make-up, a pink sport shock and plum color legging to match up my pink Reebok shoes and amethyst FreshLook contact lense to go with my dark purple mascara. My friends may call me a shopping-freak. So, who’s not? what the heck! I’m not an empty brain either. I am just pledge myself to beauty, inner and outside. At least for the next three months..:)


~ by rhyme de ma vie on December 4, 2004.

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