Anomaly of Live – to live in Jakarta

While driving on the street from Denpasar to Buleleng, I was fascinated by the structure of the infrastructure built by the local government. The road’s constructed by hotmix, smooth and clean with no hole at all, though there were lots of dogs crossing by. How come small village like Buleleng is able to build such an expensive construction while some district at nation’s capital city, Jakarta, does not even have proper sanitary system?

One of a friend working as customer service at a national bank nearby Jakarta district office once told me that the savings account of most gov’t employee contains hundreds of millions bank balance. How could this be possible, while people from private companies whose wages are even five to ten times higher than them could not afford a house or apartment, or even a car!

A month earlier, government campaigned of ‘a clean operation’ (added to their service excellence as the public service). But then what happened was even worse! They receive ‘hard cash’ in compensation of gifts or wire transfer. No wonder that most banks in the area of where the government bureaus located were very hectic during the Ramadan periods. Not because of they wanted to withdraw the fund but solely to put in.

Another friend working at Jakarta’s district office said, he received some under table grant amounting of IDR 50mio from a contractor who wants to build a private school in a public land what was used to be a local air-preserving park for its neighborhood area. My oh my, how could those lunatic bureaucrats could ever do that..

I remember a friend, a lecturer at the best university in the country, once said: “I have to work on projects donated from foreign grant, otherwise, my wage as lecturer can not cover my basis needs…” The University from where I graduated, that has created thousands of good people who are now becoming upper class level society, yet many of its professors can only live at standard level of income marching with the continuous hike prices.

Jakarta, oh my loving city, why should you hide this insanity…. Oh, dear, where should we stance on this…


~ by rhyme de ma vie on December 12, 2004.

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