Our new House – Part 2

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Gradually, the house getting shape. Everyone has their own corner:)
Hendrik close to TV (no wonder he’s thinking of having glasses next year..)
Me, next to Hendrik on a mat bought from Ace Hardware, doing the accounts or browsing
Didik, in his room (only God and himself knew what he’s watching on his laptop…)
Andrys, on the sofa, with ‘cring…cring….’ sound from his YM 🙂

oh yes, we have 24 hrs wireless connection at home.. indovision.. Altec lansing sound system…microwave…full loaded fridge and a toaster that’s hardly used! and of course, as the only woman in the house, i have additional cabinet and 1x1m corner to put my shoes and sandals:) Imelda Marcos’ corner -Muthoni said..
Japan grass is starting to grow at the front yard, paid almost a million rups. quite an expensive investment for a 20sqm land…hope it lasts a year:)

Almost have no time to relax and enjoy the house -work load being the reason!
We plan to have a house warming party sometime this month. Yet, it shall be postponed till next year..as all residents go back for year-end leave.. Perhaps, i can invite some friends from office and other areas on my b’day next Jan.. we’ll see if i’m in the mood of having a party:)

~ by rhyme de ma vie on December 20, 2005.

2 Responses to “Our new House – Part 2”

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  2. I love this spot..as I know each person in this article hehe.. I miss that moment when I came there 😀

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