When I look at the World

So I try to be like you
Try to feel it like you do
But without you it’s no use
I can’t see what you see
When I look at the world……..(U2)

The world news nowadays is full of crimes and terrors. Despite peace treaty agreement signed here and there, the euphoria of becoming world class leaders spread turmoil and tension haunting the 3rd class citizens of ignorance, changing the deserts into a fire zone, adding to the sublime heat of the earth in Sudan, Lebanon, Liberia and many more…..

What kind of leader we need? Che Querava- a robin hood of the modern world, Castro with its dictatorship, or a stalker like Blair?
How much has been spent on the nuclear reaction production in Korea, on the efforts to deploy the army to war and conflict areas, on Bush’s hegemony to support his propaganda to attack poor and less developed countries in Asia and Africa on the cost of US tax paying citizens. How many have displaced, violated, lost their future, lost their lives…pregnant women, children, loving husbands, disable no-future children. These prove the greed of human being to conquer this world. Make it factual by putting pressure through the united nations. After all, what will one bring when one die??? Nothing, except his own rotten body. How would one be remembered? (I prefer to be remembered as Gandhi, though I can’t live like he did).

Regime of socialists vanished as it can’t prove glory to the people, leaving them behind its capitalist neighbors. But look at the free market capitalists like the US. Has the booming economy changed the attitude of its leader into a monster?
Why need to dismantle armed and guns if the leaders do not posses the sense of wisdom, peace and mercy. A good leader is a warm-hearted person who respects on other’s right and promotes justice to his people without exception. Peace symbol of a flying bird will be meaningless if one does not have a warm-hearted character who prefer see others happy than suffer.
The job of a humanitarian relief can concentrate and put more effort on the natural disaster and foster human dignity to bring lives up to standard of human index inevitably.
Constant efforts on promoting peace become more vibrant than as a strategy paper only.

Inspired by:
“I want love in a peaceful world” – level 42
“Peace is a social economic justice” – Peace nobel prize winner

~ by rhyme de ma vie on August 17, 2006.

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