bring iT ON, LaDIEs!

I’m not much of a ‘beach’ person. Sun burn, salt water that dries easily on my skin and remain sticky on my hair are always my excuse to skip invitations for a beach trip. But this time is different. The birthday girl is Adel, who will soon leave the country. This is going to be our last trip together (and the first, eventually). Leaving the pier on 24.08.08 at 08.30am, the boat drive to the island takes 1.5hours. I don’t plan for swimming there, so only my camera bag accompanies me for a day trip. But when everyone is already satisfied with just wandering along the shore at Princess Island while the cost of trip paid by Adel as her birthday treat worth a new D-450 with lense kit, spending time by just walking, eating, underwater glass boat, and humming the songs from my MP3 player are not a nifty agenda.

Finally, Lussy, Mia and myself rent the snorkeling kit and byuuuuur….in 10 min, we explore the beauty of underwater world! Though, I have to jump into water without proper swimsuit. What the heck, at least I have my own great time and made friends with the sea, here at Pulau Putri – thousand islands.


~ by rhyme de ma vie on August 24, 2008.

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