Ramadhan Topic: Pantyliner

The fasting break at Imran’s house menu is: traditional, all you can eat. Coconut juice, crochet, fried chicken, etc…
I forgot how the conversation expands to that intimate subject during the fasting break..It’s kind of awkward for me to explain to my bachelor friends on how to wear the pantyliner or feminine sanitary pad during the women’s monthly period. Not because i could not demonstrate it in front of them, but ethically also a bit clumsy to some extent.
Yet it is quite funny as they thought that women wear that ‘thing’ on their vaginal discharges and creates discomfort while wearing it all day long. They simply have no idea that the bottom part of maxy pad has an adhesive attachment means for securing the napkin to the inner crotch area of the user’s undergarment (btw, i laugh it out loud! how could they be so naive!). Moreover, they don’t know the pantyliner is. Purpose of women wearing
a very slim, breathable, plastic-free, non-chlorine bleached natural materials and non-fragrance pad is too complicated to digest  :). So is the thought of how a 40cm length pad with protective side flap could help women during the night sleep.. how that pad could comfort and prevent from leak, especially during the heavy cycle remains enigma for them….


~ by rhyme de ma vie on September 7, 2008.

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