Bandung Culinary

We hit the road again yesterday – theme: trip for food, without Deri. A combined treat from me and Andrys.

It may be our last road trip together before every one of us gradually merged into a matrimony, engagement or that sort of formation of merger 🙂

Arriving quite early in Bandung, we headed straight to Rumah Mode. Try to spend as low as I could manage there -which I’m so proud of that i only spent 1 blouse and a glass of cendol bandung! :))
Take a slow lunch (supper actually) at Sapu Lidi, banci camera in action 🙂
Drop by a small resto called ‘Wind Chime’ by Chef Felix at sawunggaling to sip a cup of cappucino and dessert. This place looks gloomy from outside, yet perfect place for a romantic dinner with the loved one. It occupied an old house designed from 90 years back from european art-deco colony. The cakes served nice and perfect. Try Absolutely Flourless Chocolate Cake with Orange Sauce & Strawberry Coulis..
Speaking about price….to me it’s worth for a nouvelle cuisine ambience like in Mont Martre 🙂 definitely will visit there again to try its steaks.


~ by rhyme de ma vie on February 1, 2009.

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