Glamorous Laura Fygi

The second visit after the 1st Javajazz 2004. It’s worth qeueing about 45 minutes before her performance @ ‘Medco’Assembly 1 on the second day of fully packed Javajazz 2009. We sat on the 5th row, while Medco boss and my favourite Finance Minister sat on the 3rd row . Within 10 minutes after the room is opened, the hall is full with middle-aged socialite and our-kind of people.

She started the show at 10.30 pm. Dressed in an embroidered gold and black gala gown, she fascinated her fanatic fans with style. She embraced our emotion with humorous, communicative and sweet talks. About 20 songs, wherein 5 or 6 were French and Latin songs like Quizas Quizas Quizas, c’est si bon. Her voice is like a morning spirit, smooth, warm and full of power despite her age. The way she dances and moves on the stage and swing the soulful lyrics into her jazzy songs is so breathtaking.  

She amazed the audience by asking a man to the stage and teased him while singing ‘LOVE’ from Nat King Cole. At the end of the song, she kissed him on the cheek . I was expecting to hear ‘I love you for a sentimental reasons’, but she didn’t sing that one. Though indeed, she swayed perfectly when singing Fly me to the moon, For Once in My Life, the Beatles’ Till there was You, and Perfidia! It was a 1.5 hour unforgetful moments from the javajazz.To me, she is such a phenomenal Fygi, a real Diva. See you again someday! hope to be in Spore for your next show in the near future.


~ by rhyme de ma vie on March 8, 2009.

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