KEANE – Perfect Symmetry Tour in FCP

Though it was planned since two months ago, one emergency came up. My friend’s son got DB and hospitalized right a day before our departure date. So, she and her hubby could not make it, while the other friend simply dropped the plan. The situation is slightly better at my side, not to mention how I forgot the tax-paying card sitting on the scanner. Because of that, I missed my flight and got to get another tic for sure 😦 yet, still better than paying the fiscal fee! 
Arriving at Changi at 4pm, got lost at the airport which I visited almost every month! Dunno what’s on my mind that day.

To cut it short, I finally made it to go seeing the gig at Fort Canning Park at 8pm and rush to change the voucher at the ticket box outside the venue. The park was so warm and packed, yet we could positioned ourselves on a higher spot.Bought the t-shirt from the band’s merchandise spot as well.

Around 10pm, the show started. There goes the cutest guy named Tom Chaplin on stage, charmed as ever. Blimey, that 30 y.o. man does look like a teenager but has a really clean voice, purity! 
The opening song, The Lovers are losing, made the park even warmer with shouting and jumping 🙂

Thank you Tom, Tim-Rice, Richard and the new member who i don’t know his name, for making the night so wonderful!

Here is the setlist played:

1.    The lovers are losing
2.    Everybody’s changing
3.    Bend n break
4.    We might as well be strangers
5.    Again n again
6.    This is the last time
7.    Spiralling
8.    Your eyes open
9.    Try Again
10.  You haven’t told me anything
11.  Leaving so soon
12.  Nothing in my way
13.  You don’t see me
14.  Perfect symmetry
15.  Somewhere only we know
16.  Crystal ball

17. Atlantic
18. Is it any wonder
19. Bedshaped

20. Under pressure


~ by rhyme de ma vie on August 15, 2009.

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