I left my heart in Berlin

In that 2.5 hours flight from Malaga taking me to Berlin on 2 October 2009 afternoon, my mind wandered to the past. Landing at Schoenefeld, my first stop in the airport was not tourist information, but BVG. Yep, I am not a tourist and my intention is not to go to tourist bugs. I could not describe how happy I am after that 3 days welcome card is on my hand. That card is enough to take me to all places that always remain in my heart. The life I lived during Sept 2000 – June 2002 in Berlin has been great as I remembered. The school, the work, friends and mostly places I have been to, remain in my heart forever. Even those nights spent in Café Einstein, Humboldt university library and computer lab have a substantial contribution to who I am now.

I always think of going back there every 3 years or so, but time never permitted, even last year when I went to the Netherlands. So, this time, on the celebration of 20 years of ‘Mauer fall’ I have to give a shot to revisit the places for sentimental reason. Now, after 7 years leaving the city, it still charms me as ever. Despite the rain that welcomed my arrival or chilly weather during my 6 days visit, it did not slip my craving for night stroll along Kudamm and Unter den Linden.   Wish to be there again in the near future..mmm…maybe next year.

These are places where I spent my lovely ‘me’ time in Berlin…


This is the house where I lived during my first 6 months in Berlin. If i’m not mistaken, I got the room facing the street for DM 200 a month. That included electricity and gas. I liked my room much than the other 2 rooms in the house. Mine has a single sliding window with glow in the dark on its ceiling. That made my winter nights brighter, i thought 🙂

The street where I got to know the people and where I made friends with Dominica, a funny girl from Krakaw. The place where I stand to take this photo was a public phone booth where used to make long calls to my mother and my ex-boyfriend. The phone booth is now gone, replaced by parking lot. Yet the surrounding still as before. Falkenbergerstrasse is a quiet street as most elderly people from previous eastern part of Berlin live. I love the Umgebung. Our backyard is a park and Kindergarten. Me and Dominica used to laugh looking at them playing. Winter times were our snowball war or simply sitting together by the window looking outside with the minds thinking about family and friends far back home. Now I miss seeing her again.

The second place I lived was on Ahornstrasse 1, a studio apartment. Rented for Eur 250 a month exclude water and electricity. Living alone on the 1st floor, mine is opposite Croatian embassy. Always had sunshine during spring and summer. Furnitures are from IKEA, plus a compact tiny kitchen like a cupboard. Could afford to rent this place 🙂 there after, got a student job at Eurotape with quite a good pay, like DM 15/ Euro 8 per hour. Like this place because of its location, near to Tusma and just a walking distance to city center, and S/U Bahnhof Nollendorfplatz. I cooked my meals almost everyday here. So, I was saving for europe trip during holidays. I did not make many friends in this building, except 3-4 on the right wing and 4 others from 2nd floor. Not because i was unsocialized, but i really did not have time to hang out with them. Imagine, 5-7 hours daily at university, then another 5 hours at library or computer lab at Humboldt University, in addition to part-time job 3-5 days a week. Weekends were for my stroll or groceries shopping.



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