Cubadak Paradiso Village – a little piece of heaven on earth

First time I heard about the resort run by Italian couple, Nanni and Federica, is when we browsed for other resort in West Sumatra, over a year ago. Only after 4 months staying in Padang, I got the chance to visit this wonderful village. A colleague made the reservation a day before, directly to Nanni, the owner. As we have not much time to spend, we only booked for 1 day trip for US$ 25 (lunch and boat inclusive).
The three of us left Padang at 7.00 AM on the seclusion day. Driving through Bungus beach with blue water of Bayur bay, light sky and spectacular view along the coast made our trip enjoyable. After 2 hours drive, we arrived at the Carocok bay and park the car at the local people’s house nearby. The staff picked us up five minutes later to ride us to the idyllic island. The ride with boat took 10 minutes to reach there.

When we are approaching the island, traditional cottages line up by the side of white sand beach. From  the deck of the village’s modest pier, Nanni & Federica welcoming us warmly. The village itself located ahead the Cubadak island, has 14 cottages (12 for rent). My first impression about this place: a perfect place for escape, away from hustle bustle city like Jakarta and Padang. The resort looks very clean and well maintained. It is Nanni’s policy to keep this resort private by limiting the guests up to maximum 35 persons. I heard from my good friend, Nanni has permit to run this place for 30 years. What I really like from this paradise village (that’s what the place is named), the owner preserve the environment and its habitats.

Federica escort us to a 2 storey cottages decorated very simple with few ample windows and mosquito net over the bed. The furniture is also traditional minimalist: beds, writing table and a fridge. Each cottage has own shower & toilet facility. There is no air-con, but a ceiling fan. Who need air-con when we have fresh air from the sea?

I could not resist to immediately strolling on the white sands beach, enjoying the sound of the wave from crystal blue sea water next to the cottage. The uniqueness of this village lies on the service that the owner rendered, where every guess is greeted in person by the owner. The ring of bell chime from the staff calling the guests for lunch sounds cool! Meal time is served in the big table at the bamboo-style restaurant. It is also the chance to meet and greet other guest and share the experience or just chit chat about stuffs . The meal served in various dishes of Italian and Indonesian. This time we got prawns –very fresh by the way, chicken satay and stir-fry egg-plants, tomatoes and onion. The deserts come in fruit platters. So delicious!

After meal, we snorkel near the pier. They offer snorkeling equipment for free! Though, I am not a very fond of this activity, especially under the heat of the sun at noon time , so I chose to relax on the lounge chair next to the cottage until we took off back to the real life waiting for us in Padang.
The resort itself offers various activities from diving, trekking, snorkeling and canoeing. Yet we do not have much anticipation as to prepare for these activities.

I am convinced that I will make myself available for a second visit to this little pieace of paradise, soon before I resume my posting here in Padang. Perhaps an overnight stay would be worthwhile for bunch of activities and leisure the land could offer.


~ by rhyme de ma vie on March 19, 2010.

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