Show Time again – Jay Kay

It’s Jamiroquai a.k.a Jay Kay, whom we all have been waiting for about 8 years, whom we finally be able see perform here, over some speculations that the gig will cancel the show because of the general election. Too bad I reached Sentul Hall quite late (around 10.30 pm). Later I knew that they started late, at around 10.00pm. I arrived there when the hall were packed with around 7000 people standing, when Travelling without Moving was about to start.
Though I was expecting something more cosmic, groovy and hype up the beat from the group, last nite’s show came as quite unexpected from an Acid-jazz legendary name like Jamiroquai, whom I knew since early 1990s. In spite of it, Jay Kay performance himself was splendid and able to shake and move the crowd as whole, however I felt annoyed with the crowd and the atmosphere comparing with musical shows/concerts in Singapore. The arrangement was quite disorganized and I realized that the committee should classify the sitting arrays and festival class in a better arrangement, or perhaps there should not be Festival class for this concert. Until now, I am still wondering how the committee could allow the crowd moved freely from the side row (ticket price half million) to VIP area (ticket price of IDR 2 million)! Thing that also unpleased me (and the rest of the crowd!) was: they did not sing Virtual Insanity, though I could see Deeper Underground at the end of their performance. About 12 songs were performed amazingly by the gig. The last 5 songlist I could capture: Travelling Without Moving, Cosmic Girl, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, and the encore: Deeper Underground.
Just to resume my impression about the EO: they should have learned how to organize the layout and crowd management.
‘I’m goin’ deeper underground there’s too much panic in this town I’m goin’ deeper underground there’s too much panic in this town I’m goin’ deeper underground….


~ by rhyme de ma vie on April 9, 2010.

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