The Lion King

Another spur of the moment trip to Singapore. No plan no reservation. Not because of the great sale. But for an escape from all the issues that have been loading my mind since early June. I was also unsure if the usual hotel would still be available on the days we travelled given that the school holiday has just been started.

Only in 3 days before departing date, I managed to arrange tickets and hotel and for sure the word of mouth, The Lion King musical that is playing at Sands Singapore until end of July. But finding the tickets for that one during high season is a though one. After searching on ebay, without second thought, I purchased the ticket for the show on 4 June. I consider myself lucky for that last minute deal. A S$ 165 par value for S$ 80/ticket was a really good bargain, especially when at Sistic was the platinum class that’s left.

The show started at 8PM. The first scene came into sight was a big orange-reddish sunrise and then came Rafiki singing and greet Mufasa, i felt moving. I’ve seen Lion King the movie for 4 times and now I am sitting in the middle row seeing its broadway musical. Each play character moves with the music and singing. Floating..running along with every song, to every corner of the stage. The music and songs sounds peaceful to my ears. Every scene is closed beautifully and left me an awe to wait what might come as the next scene. Applause on each of the scene end.. There was heart moving moments where Mufasa died and Simba felt it was all because of him, and I can’t help the tears drop in my eyes.

I really like the costumes. It looked so natural. The designer said it used organic materials, meticulously chosen from every part of the world that fit most for each character’s costume.  The upper shoulder and lower part’s costume for Mufasa used Balinese design, while the chest part is Masai’s.

Another detail of the show was the 2 percussion players standing in the higher location in front of the stage. It is set to bring the African mood to the play. The stage is arranged so natural that really astonished me and carried my mind to the wildlife in Africa.

Overall, the Lion King­ musical stands tall amongst the musical show I’ve seen so far. To have been able seeing the Lion King is a treasured memory for me, surely worth every penny of it. See it for yourself while it’s still there.


~ by rhyme de ma vie on June 5, 2011.

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