Kehilangan adalah awal yang baru untuk mencari seseorang yang lebih tepat, seseorang yang lebih bisa menghargai ketulusan kita dan menerima kelebihan sekaligus kekurangan kita. Karena tak ada seorangpun sempurna..

Note to self:

If you are not ready for a relationship, do not even start. It will hurt other people. When it is time, then it is, you will make a room for that person. She might not be in the right package you wanted but she does not have to fight for a spot in your heart competing with your dignity. Because you never know that she might be the one proudly smile to the world saying, “that’s him!” and that makes you a better person for the world…

ah, love is always a mystery. I never know whom i could fall for, to what kind of personality. Nevertheless, it always brings an experience to me, a lesson for my future path ^_^


~ by rhyme de ma vie on October 20, 2012.

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